Tiffany Melone aka “Tiff”

Motto: “Don’t be like the rest of them darling.”

Best Buzz-Making Skills: putting things into layman’s terms, connecting, relationship building, storytelling, juggling (life in PR is a juggling act!)

Placement Dream: Oprah Magazine! Cliche I know, but I grew up watching her TV show. I am inspired every time I read the magazine. And, as all PR gurus know, clients/products exponentially grow in every good way possible when placed in Oprah.

Background: Prior to founding Delicious Buzz in July 2009, I worked on PR and Events in-house for a few international companies and some non-profit groups. I got a lucky start wowing the media with newsworthy stories on extravagant special events (sports tournaments, launch parties, fashion shows with Neiman Marcus…). The coolest part was that I planned and produced said events with the help and support of some big name socialites in San Diego. I loved every minute of it, and knew I had found my calling. After many successful years building others’ brands, I launched Delicious Buzz to continue building brands under my own brand.