Genevieve Grigore aka “Gen”

Motto: “It’s not the destination that counts in life. It’s the journey, the ups, and downs we go through to become the strong people we are today.”

Best Buzz-Making Skills: Customer service, creating personal relationships, multitasking (full-time student and two jobs), organization (possible OCD), and the hunger to learn.

Placement Dream: I would love to place in Astronomy Magazine or National Geographic Magazine. I’m a huge astronomy nerd and love nature. I have been hooked to our vast universe since my first science elective in college. I love the mysteries of the universe and seeing what scientists are capable of finding now. There is so much more to learn from Earth, our Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, and beyond and I would love to be a part of that experience.

Background: I am currently a California State University San Marcos student with one year left to go. I am working for a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in management and operations while taking marketing electives. I am a very active person and enjoy being outside. I ran track and played soccer in high school and college. I am originally from the Los Angeles area and moved to San Marcos to join the CSUSM track team. Moving to San Diego county as been the best decision of my life and am ready to make this my home.