Bloggers Wanted for Events!

By November 23, 2016Clients, PR

By Becky Mahan, Publicist

We understand the blogger/PR relationship can be tricky. And with so many independent bloggers on the rise these days, there’s really no industry standard for expected practices, services required or received, or even an agreement on paid versus unpaid services.

As both an independent blogger/influencer AND a publicist, I have seen the dirty on both sides. I personally love to explore San Diego and welcome invitations to try new foods/restaurants, attend events, and explore your product for free in exchange for coverage on my blog and social media (the amount of which is to my discretion.) Personally, I find it to be a win-win situation: I get free food, drinks, or a fun experience and the host (someone else’s client) gets the publicity they want.

Besides, they’re usually ridiculously fun. Like at this exclusive media dinner tasting I attended this summer:


At Delicious Buzz, we work with a variety of local brands and love the opportunity to share them with local influencers. Here’s what we are currently looking for:

  • Bloggers interested in complimentary, private full-meal/drink tasting experiences at our restaurant clients – in exchange for a short blog writeup and social media coverage (particularly Instagram)
  • Bloggers and videographers interested in personal dish tasting/cooking demos – in exchange for full blog writeups and social media coverage
  • Media, bloggers, social media influencers interested in holiday parties and seasonal events at restaurants – in exchange for social media coverage and blog writeups if relevant
  • Media, bloggers, and social media influencers interested in attending launch parties – in exchange for full blog writeups and social media coverage

Are you a media influencer or blogger interested in the above opportunities? Please let us know! Email Tiffany at We’d love to share our family of clients with you.