5 Incredibly Useful Apps Every PR Pro Should Have

By September 22, 2016PR

This day and age of technology and information can be a bit, well, overwhelming. Add in the fact that you work in PR? Good luck.

Thankfully, the deluge of information also means there are plenty of people – like us! – who can take the time to sift and sort out the important parts and put together clever articles – like this one! – for your benefit. Here are our five favorite apps every PR person should be using:

1. Pocket

Stay on top of all the important trends going on – a mighty feat, as you know, when there are ten thousand other things happening at once. Pocket allows you to scan and save articles for offline reading, so you don’t lose them in your newsfeed (or have to open a trillion browser tabs.)

2. Upitch

Think of it like Tinder for the PR worlds. Create a pitch note or announcement, and reporters can then swipe right on stories they’re interested in learning more about. You’ll be notified of a match so you can get in touch with the journalist. It’s genius.

3. Flipboard

It’s more than Pinterest but less intimidating than Facebook: Flipboard is your aesthetically-pleasing news aggregator that tailors your feed based on your (or your client’s) interests and handpicks articles for you to read.

4. Mention

Tired of Google searches and false alerts? This social listening tool helps you find and follow up with brand mentions all over the web. The search engine crawls news sites, blogs, social media updates, and more – anywhere your selected keywords come up.

5. Sidekick by Hubspot

Sent a reporter an email pitch and haven’t heard back? If you send it with Hubspot’s app Sidekick, you’ll know when the reporter opens, reads, clicks on a link, and responds (or how many times they open and read it without responding.) It’s a great tool to help you determine who’s worth following up with. Plus, Hubspot Sales also has a whole arsenal of additional CRM and marketing tools to help you live your PR life like a boss.