How to prep for your next media interview like a boss

By September 8, 2016Media

Snagged an on-camera interview? Congratulations! You’re likely to be a little nervous, but fear not. We’ve got some easy things you can do to prep and feel confident for your big moment:

1. Breathe. Practice focusing on your inhales and exhales; they will calm you down naturally.

2. Remember to smile! It will naturally relax your face and set you and the reporter at ease.

3. Google yourself and your company. Your interviewer is likely doing the same thing, so don’t be caught off guard by recent coverage.

4. Practice your key points on a friend. Media interviews should come across like a casual conversation, so practice the free-flow of discussion.

5. Prepare a short story or anecdote – they’re much more fun to listen to than boring facts.

6. Have this answer prepared: “I will look into that.” It’s far better than “I don’t know” or “no comment.”

7. Be sure you get the who, what, when, and where in at the beginning and end of the interview. This doesn’t have to be elaborate info, but it’s the most important.
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