Your Social Media Strategy Checklist

Do you LOVE checklists like we do?! There is satisfaction in checking something off your list and moving on to the next task.  Familiarizing yourself with the power of a checklist could be a good idea.

Checklists are beneficial in remembering important tasks and they generally save time by helping you prioritize tasks.  Social media can be challenging. It takes a good strategy to be good at social media.

*This works for business AND for personal social pages!*

Questions to ask:

✓ What is your mission?

✓ Which platform(s) will be best?

✓ What will you share?

✓ Who is (or who do you want to be) your audience?

✓ What is your mission?

Evaluate your current social media strategy or if you don’t have one look through your social and get a feel for what has or hasn’t worked so far. Then create an editorial calendar to put your strategy into a scheduled plan that visualizes all your goals on all your social channels.

✓ Which platform(s) will be best?

There are MANY social media platforms out there.  Don’t allow this to overwhelm you.  Just make sure you are choosing the correct social platforms for you. It’s best to do two or three well than to try to do them all. Once you figure out your personal social media platforms then make a checklist for each one to fully optimize the platform.







✓ What will you share?

Create interesting and shareable content that:





Bonus: Use keywords and SEO in your blog posts to optimize your posts and to drive more traffic to your website, blog, and social media platforms.

✓ Who is (or who do you want to be) your audience?

Define your audience:








Consumer Behavior

After you’ve asked yourself these pertinent questions, set-up daily, weekly, monthly, and maybe even quarterly checklists for a really successful social media plan. This way you can think of both the short term and long term goals for all of your social media accounts:

✓Daily checklists:

reply to everyone, engage with everyone (influencers, customers, potential customers), create conversations, check your mentions, check hashtags, research your industry, research the social media industry, connect with new people, and follow back.

✓Weekly checklists:

Check stats, weekly goals, discuss tactics with your team, engage with partners, engage with influencers, and update social media ads.

✓Monthly checklists

Set goals, set-up ads, plan ahead for the next month, perform a social media audit, try something new, and collaborate with other departments.

✓Quarterly checklists

Pull performance reports, adjust goals if needed, check and adjust ads according to analytic reports, and asses key performance indicators.