When pitching to the media the most important thing is to GET TO THE POINT.  We live in a fast paced world, especially in PR.  The media receives many different stories and pitches and they do not have the time to sit around and read pitch novels. Keep it short and simple.

Also a good idea to avoid some of these buzz words on your next pitch:


Everyone is thinking the same thing and using the same word. So instead of being like everyone else focus more on describing why and how your client’s products are different.  You also do not want to over hype your pitch.

Outside of the box

Do think outside the box BUT don’t use this phrase anymore. We all value being creative so why is everyone using this same exact phrase? Instead, show off your clients and their products unique advantages to help be discovered.


Using “content” is vague. What kind of content are you referring to, ads, blog posts, videos, or photos?  Instead of using “content” as your word of choice be more specific.  Actually state your content as being a photo, video, or whatever you are deciding your content is.


AVOID…AVOID…AVOID…This is all fluff wording.  No one likes fluff.