What college doesn’t teach you about PR

By December 19, 2016Delicious Buzz

We go to college to learn. Countless exams, memorizing terms, thick textbooks, and super long essays are definitely a thing of the past. Some students love it, some don’t take school serious and others might be working part/full-time and don’t have the time to fully dedicate themselves to college.  Good news – once college is over that’s when our true learning experience begins.

Here are 4 tips for that can help you whether you are just starting out, early stages of your PR career, or a pro who wants to enhance their experience:

Be Proactive and Prioritize

Procrastination is not your friend in the PR world…trust me on this! Set personal deadlines and designated days for specific clients to help you meet your deadlines.  In the PR world you manage multiple client accounts and that can be stressful. Professors tell you how fast pace the real world is however they do not prepare you to prioritize your important tasks and deadlines. This is where all those awful group project deadlines come in to play!

Be Flexible

While in college, students usually follow a syllabus for the semester and know all assignment deadlines and tests dates from day one. But in the real world it is different, especially in PR. Flexibility is a MUST! Being able to work on last-minute changes and adjustments is key to being successful in PR.  Being in the PR industry is not a normal 9-5 job. Meaning you might have to stay late to finish a project, come to work a little early on some days, or bring work to lunch for those last minute things.

Client Etiquette

College does always instill the confidence you need especially when contacting a client directly. Having the proper email etiquette, timeliness, and know how to approach to certain situations is important.  The way I learned this was through my internship with Delicious Buzz (always room for improvements still).  Internships are a great opportunity that everyone should take advantage of.  They help build your resume and expose you to various fields. They help you realize what you enjoy, don’t enjoy and what you are passionate about.  Internships can also lead to part or full-time positions!

More than meets the eye

When asking Tiffany, “what does a typical day in the position look like” she smirks and explained “no two days are alike.”  She was right.  There is always something new to do in a PR position. You are never bored! I did not know all the details of what a publicist does. There are lots of deadlines, research, social media dinners, photoshoots, press releases, media relations, keeping up with the hottest trends. If you love to write this is the job for you from creating blogs and captions, to press releases and other materials. PR is relationship driven and of course, like with all relationships there is also rejection and acceptance.