Ways to Boost Restaurant Promotion and PR in 2017!

2016 was a rough year for most, BUT 2017 is here and it’s another year to get it all right.  San Diego and Hawaii’s food scenes have been blowing up. There’s lots of competition. It’s time to become more creative with restaurant and food PR, promotion and marketing. Here are 6 creative ways to help boosting your restaurant promotions.

Social Media Specials

Social media is key in our digital world.  Promote specials that you are having on your social media so customers see it and feel they are getting insider info for being one of your followers!  It can be a special for the day, week, holiday, sports season, or the month.

Reward Loyalty

Take customer loyalty seriously and show your customers that you care about them.  Creating a loyalty program can give customers even more incentives to come to your restaurant.  This could be a point system for every dollar spent, meal they buy, visit to your establishment, etc. Maybe the points earn free drinks, appetizers, or invites to special events and holiday parties.

Host Media Dinners

Not only are they fun but media dinners can help put you back on the (media) map! Sometimes it’s hard to get valuable media exposure if you’re not the new hot spot, bringing in a new celeb chef, switching up your menu every season, etc. By hosting a media dinner, you are connecting with media, bloggers and influencers highlight you in a way that’s much more convincing than a paid ad in the back of a magazine somewhere.

Share Your Customers Content

Many of your customers are sharing pics and info about you on social media, which let’s be honest, is FREE advertising (go you!).  Use their kind words, reviews and photos on your social media, just be sure to give credit where it’s due.  Customers love it and will feel special. Best part is that they will keep coming back!

Create a Speakeasy Event

If you haven’t been to on yet, ask Google or Siri to hook you up with your next Friday night plans! San Diego and Hawaii both have a good number of Speakeasies to visit! There’s something super cool about these “forbidden” bar parties.  It is in a private area/room, it’s secretive, you need a password to enter, and everyone enjoys delish crafted cocktails!

Listen to your People

Have customers been asking you about gluten-free, allergen friendly, organic options? Or for live music or late night happy hour? Keep them happy and you’ll keep them customers for longer, plus you’ll likely expand your reach to new customers.