What is content?

Content is a combination of useful information and experience that tells a story.  It can be practical, tactical, and functional.  Content is engaging, interesting, relevant, and reliable.  Content is seen in many different forms including video, audio, text, blogs, photos.


Easy peasy right? Creating content can actually be difficult.  Trying to come up with new materials on a daily basis is extremely time consuming and somethings feels impossible.


Content Creation vs. Content Curation

Let’s start by defining these two concepts

Content Creation: process of creating own content from scratch.

Content Curation: process of gathering existing information from social media, blogs, and other relevant sources to share.


*Keep in mind that both these concepts are important to implement in your social media strategy.


What is repurposing content?

Essentially repurposing content is content curation. You take content, ideas, and materials that you have already used or found and reuse them in multiple ways. Repurposing content from others and giving them credit helps drive traffic and create relationships.


5 Ways to Repurpose:


Information is constantly changing therefor, take your old material and modify the content with additional research and updated information.  Some older posts are still valuable and share information that is still relevant.

Different Formats:

Recently I love listening to podcasts on my long drives. You could take your blog posts and turn them into a podcast or video. Vice versa you can turn podcasts into blogs. This gives people multiple ways to receive your content.

Series or One Piece:

Break down your content and use smaller sections to build it into a series of multiple posts.  Or you can do the opposite, use multiple pieces of content to lead up to one big piece.


The human brain processes images faster than text, so build an infographic! An infographic is best when you have a ton of data to share. When done right this can drive lots of traffic.