LinkedIn for Your Brand

People often forget about LinkedIn. It’s a professional networking platforms that allows individuals to connect with businesses and professionals.  LinkedIn is not just a place for hiring and recruiting it’s also a place for customers.


Here are five ways LinkedIn can help leverage your brand:


Optimize your Profile: First make sure you have completed your profile in its entirety.  Add your logo, a personalized background image, and profile picture.  Then, make sure you are using keywords throughout your profile to optimize searches on search engines.


Grow your network:  Connect with your clients, friends, family, colleagues, classmates etc.  Anyone who you have crossed path with and encourage them to connect and engage on your profile. Ask meaningful connections endorse you.


Brand Yourself: Showcase your personality through your profile.  Look at your profile through your customer’s eye Share your company mission, services, contact information, maybe some of your clients, etc.


Publish content:  Publish job opportunities, articles about your industry and share relevant content from others. Engagement is key on all social platforms and LinkedIn is no different.


Get involved in LinkedIn groups:  Find groups that you want to establish yourself and your brand in. Participate in their conversations to form relationships and new connections for your brand.