What’s is like to be an intern?

I started as a Delicious Buzz Intern this past summer and it was my first internship I might add.  This internship is by far the least conventional to say the least.  I mean what company allows you to work from home, coffee shop, beach, and not in an actual office?  Grabbing coffee for your boss is the thing of the past.

What was it like to be a Delicious Buzz Intern?

Landing your first internship is always exciting.  When I landed this internship I was ecstatic!  It has been a roller coaster to say the least.  But I have enjoyed every minute of it.   Here are some things I have learned during this summer as an intern:

Gaining Trust from my boss

Working from home and not going in to an office takes a lot of trust.  I was able to gain trust from my boss during my internship.

The hand of the man and woman connected with a red

Working Independently

This was my first time working from home.  In the beginning it was difficult.  The difficult part was learning new software on my own and learning the world of PR at the same time.  However, I learned and working from home has been a great luxury.



Working on Deadlines

The beauty of not working in an office is you just need to make deadlines.  I’m able to work at my own pace and finish projects on my own time.



Keep a work journal

I kept a work journal so that I can keep track of accomplishments and new lessons learned from the internship.  With a work journal I am able to look at my past achievements and make new ones.  It is also helpful to see how much I have improved from my first day to now.


Pajamas are super comfortable during the day

Do I need to even explain this?


Having Fun

This whole experience has been a ton of fun.  From working at home, media dinners,  film festivals, and social media in general.


Now here is the even better part of my internship, I LANDED THE JOB!  You are now reading from a Junior Publicist.  The roller coaster isn’t over yet.  To be honest it actually just started! However, I am excited for this new journey.