Are you thinking about joining the Public Relations industry? Maybe you are not sure if PR is the right career for you. Are you interested in trends, new, current events, and staying up to date with what’s hot and new?  That’s just the beginning of it!  PR is a fun industry because you get to work with many different kinds of people and clients.  You’ll never be bored because every work day is different. This allows you to dabble in many different fields to see what kind of PR, and client industries within PR, you personally enjoy.

Here are 6 signs that PR is the RIGHT career for you:


Are a Media Junkie.  Books, Magazines, Blogs… ohh my! Reading is cool again and in PR, so is being in the know and one step ahead of the next guy and/or thing. And these days most PR Pros are bi-lingual – social media is usually their second language. Media teaches the importance and power of influence, engagement, and how to help your clients become a leader in whatever they do.

Are always looking at your phone. Because you love social media you are also in love with your phone. Mobile devices are the future of communicating! PR pros have some serious FOMO… they always have their phone on them for checking emails, phone calls, texts, and of course social media.

Thrive on deadlines. Pressure does not affect the PR pros like it does the average person.  They thrive off of deadlines and are motivated to solve problems by being innovative.

Love writing. You know the difference between your and you’re, their and they’re. You get punctuation and see how it can easily change the meaning of a sentence. You take pride in your writing skills. PR is all about relationship building and you can’t do that with bad communication skills. Whether for print, TV, radio or live interviews or speeches, digital and blogs, marketing collateral and/or social media messaging – writing and having a way with words will take you far in PR.

Love building relationships:  Even though not all PR pros are extroverts, that’s ok because their focus is always the behind the scenes prep, promoting, connecting, relationships, etc. PR pros should be successful communicators and great at creating relationships with their clients, media, partners, vendors, the community and others.

Focus on small and big:  Public relation pros are great talkers, creative thinkers, and they need to focus equally on the small details and the effects things will have on the bigger picture goals of their clients and the media.