The beauty of PR is that we encourage change and adapt well. The Public Relations industry is rapidly evolving. PR now relies more on digital media and public social interaction than ever before.



Earned Media comes first, paid comes second

As always, earned media holds more value than paid media. Earned media equals earned credibility and authority. Earned media includes: news mentions, customer reviews, content shares and social media interactions.



Influencers are your BFFs

Influencer marketing is evolving this year.  Connecting with customers and followers in highly important.  2017 is all about being authentic and building an authentic brand.  The authenticity of influencer voices has proven to deliver results for brands.

PR and SEO 

PR is all about content, so it makes sense that PR and SEO must work together.  PR pro should be more than familiar with SEO and web analytics.  Content must be optimized in order to be shareable therefor, being fluent in SEO basics is becoming a necessity.